Juniper Hills

Juniper Hills, California is an unincorporated community located in the foothills on the northern slope of the San Gabriel Mountains. It is populated by people who care deeply about the rural character of the area. They have made conscious decisions to live in a remote location because of the beauty and absence of improvements. The area is where the Western Mojave climbs to mingle with mountain chaparral forming the unique environmental zone known as Desert Foothill Woodlands. Joshua trees, junipers, pinion pines and high desert brush grow side by side. Far from the traffic and noise of the city, Juniper Hills is quiet and peaceful. Properties range from orginal homesteads to million dollar homes. All homes are on wells and septic systems.

There is a Community Association as well as a Town Council. In 2007 Community Standards were adopted. A short list of the standards include: *New parcels shall be a minimum of 5 acres; *No agency shall build curbs, gutters, sidewalks or pave any streets; *Outside lighting must be shaded and the county shall not add any new street lights; *Removal of native vegetation shall be limited to 30% of the total area of a parcel; *30 Feet of native vegetation shall be maintained along the widest street adjoining any parcel; and *Perimeter fences shall not exceed 6 feet and the top 3 feet shall not obscure the view.